Tutorial - Lesson 13

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Knowing how many database records have been selected for printing can be a useful addition to many reports. Report Builder makes it very easy to print this information:


Create a Report Footer band (from the main menu select BAND, then NEW, then REPORT FOOTER). An empty Report Footer band is made available inside the Report Formatter screen.


Create an empty frame in the new Report Footer band in the desired location; with the new frame selected click the Dictionary button on the Frame Properties box.


From the Dictionary pop up tree menu select the entry for OTHERS; under this entry open up "Built In Variables", then select "Record Counter". This will insert this information into the Frame Contents: =Record_Counter


That's it! You can also manually type in the (=Record_Counter) information without having to go through the Dictionary.


You may choose to make this information print a little fancier by adding a frame to the left of where the record counter is printed:


Record counter information in a frame


As shown above, two frames have been created; the first has the text string "Records Selected" inserted. The second frame contains the built in variable for the Record Counter.


To recap; in this lesson you learned:


How to print a counter of matching database record(s) for a group of related information


How to create a box effect by re-sizing frame borders