Report Manager

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When you first start the Report Builder this is the screen that appears:


Report Manager screen


This screen is your "window" to creating/modifying reports, and printing reports that you have defined. Every time you want to print a report, or create/change a report you will use this screen.


The template reports available to you on this screen will most likely differ from the screen shot displayed above.  As various reports and templates are added to ComQuest, the tree presented in the Report Manager window will change.


The browse screen in the middle of the window uses a tree list to show what possible report categories and their associated report(s) exist. In the above example there are four report templates; ComQuest Blank Report, Song Scores Reports, Respondent Reports and Interviewer Efficiency,  with no reports defined for any of them yet.


Report Manager buttons


The buttons beneath the browse area perform these functions:


Print the currently highlighted report


Expand the tree to show all categories and their associated report file(s)


Contract the tree to show all categories and their associated report file(s)


Add a new report for the currently selected report category


Modify the highlighted report in the Report Formatter


Delete the highlighted report file


Close this window


You can right click inside the browse area to display a pop up menu of choices that are identical to these buttons.


Pop up menu options


As you add new reports the screen will update itself automatically; here is an example of a template with one report file:


Report Manager browse


The above screen will show detailed information about each report file (it's filename, creation date, creation time, and it's file size.


The name of the report "New Report" is the same title that you define. Notice that to the left of the category "ComQuest Blank Report" is a small box with a minus (-) sign inside. This means that you have expanded the tree to show the report file(s) for that category (ComQuest Blank Report). If you click on the minus sign it will contract the tree list for that branch, which hides information under that branch. Click on this box a couple of times to see how it contracts/expands choices for that category (it won't harm anything to do this).