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A picture is a way of converting information from it's original format to a different format. On the frame characteristics dialogue box is an icon for setting the picture for a frame (once you have learned some basic picture settings, you can also type them in directly into the Picture field).



Picture dialogue box


It is assumed that you have already selected the contents for the frame. Keep in mind that you don't have to fill anything in for a picture; if the contents of the frame is going to be a date field it is recommended that you use an appropriate date picture (otherwise the date will be generated as the number of days that have elapsed since January 1, 1801).


If you already know the picture that you want to use (out of familiarity) you can simply type in the picture; otherwise click on the mask button shown above to display the Picture Wizard to assist you in generating an appropriate picture:


Picture type Wizard


The default choice is None; radio buttons are provided for each different type of picture that is available. If you select a radio button different than None you will be led through a series of screens that will assist you in creating the appropriate picture for your needs.


You can change a picture at any time - remember that a picture manipulates data - it won't change/delete any database information. If you decide you don't like the picture for a frame you can change it to something else, then use the print preview screen to see the resultant output.


Here are some sample pictures that are commonly used. Each picture has sample data, and the resultant output listed by category: