Report Formatter Options

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Main Menu


This is a standard Windows menu - you can left click a menu option, or hold down the Alt key on the keyboard and press the underlined letter for the desired menu option to execute it.


Open Report


Displays a standard Windows dialogue box to select a report to modify/print. All report(s) are saved to the C:\ComQuest folder on the Fileserver with the file extension of .RPT


Report Save


Allows you to save the report being worked on.


New Report


Allows you to create a new report from scratch.


Text Format


These buttons will align the text in one of 4 positions inside the frame:


Left align all text
Center align all text
Right align all text
Proportionally align text so the left and right edges of the text are even


Frame Edit Box


This is a moveable dialogue window used to manipulate the contents of a frame. You can also change the properties of the frame contents by clicking the Picture tab, and changing the picture used for information contained in this frame.


Print Report        


Click this button to print the report.




This option works identically to other Windows program Clipboard buttons:


Cut button will cut the selected information and place it in the Windows clipboard. This is a permanent change!


Copy button will copy the selected information and place it in the Windows clipboard, leaving the original information intact.


Paste button will insert the information held by the Windows clipboard into the current cursor location.


Fill Color


Used to select a color to fill the currently selected frame. Uses the standard Windows color selection dialogue box to select a color.


Font Selection


Used to select a font type/style/size and/or modify it's characteristics (boldface, italics, underline, color, etc) using the standard Windows dialogue box.


Frame Align


Allows contents of a frame to be aligned with one of the following conditions:


Align top
Align middle
Align bottom
Wide spacing


Frame Border


Allows you to selectively add/remove sides of the frame border by clicking a button relating to a border side


Frame Border Color


Displays a standard Windows dialogue box to select a color for the frame border.


Ruler Box


A ruler bar to aid in positioning frames for the report. You can toggle the ruler bar style between the English system and Metric system by selecting the main menu option OPTIONS, then METRIC SYSTEM. If a check mark is displayed to the left of the menu entry the ruler bar is displayed using the metric system, and vice versa.