Dictionary - Calculated Fields

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Calculated Fields form


The screen shot above shows a new calculated field being added to the dictionary. A new variable named "Total Respondent" is being created that will contain a count of Respondent records (Res:Respondent). The evaluation process is performed at the end of the report.


The new variable was created by clicking the blue '+' button PlusBtn after highlighting Calculated Fields.


Calculated fields can be looked upon as temporary storage in the computer's memory to perform calculations on one or more database fields. This is primarily used for (but not restricted to) calculating  totals, sum counts, etc. By changing the Picture you can modify the output to better suit your needs. For example, if you are calculating a dollar total you could use the picture @N$-10.2 to display a dollar sign in front of the calculated field.


You can also change where the evaluation process occurs. There are 4 different methods to how fields are calculated:


On the start of the report


On each record


On the end of the report


On the end of the page