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The dictionary is the "heart" of Report Builder - it contains information on all the database fields used by ComQuest, as well as internal variables and functions that you can use to customize your output. Here is the dictionary from within one of the Song Score Reports:



Report Builder Dictionary


The dictionary uses an expandable tree format to access the different types of information that can be placed inside a frame. The tree above is shown in collapsed form for a better overall view. To gain insight into what the different dictionary categories are, left click on one of the following items in the above screen capture:


Processed Files/ rs_  (the Results file)


Built-In Variables


Standard Operators


Standard Functions


Calculated Fields


Gather Totals


A dictionary stores all the data used in ComQuest in an easily accessed format. It also provides access to powerful tools for manipulating data required for fancier reports. You can even create new variables to contain data that is extracted at report generation time!