Add text to a frame

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To add text to a frame, first place the frame approximately where you want it. After the frame has been added, right click it (click the right mouse button once while the mouse pointer is over the frame), and select Properties from the pop-up menu.  Simply type the text you wish to appear in the frame in the Contents field. (You might have to resize the frame after assigning text to it, so that all the text is displayed properly within the frame).



Adding text to a frame


The screen shot above shows a report band with a Page Header report band; created inside is one frame, and the text string "Sample Report Title" has been entered. After you type information into the entry field for Contents the screen is updated to reflect the information.


You can right click on the frame to change the characteristics of the information (in this case, the text string "Sample Report Title") will be displayed.


Because this frame contains only a text string (Sample Report Title) you don't have to worry about the Picture tab, or the Picture pushbutton, since you are typing the text string as you want it printed.