Raw Counts Report

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Printed Raw Counts report


The Raw Counts Report displays exact counts for each of the scoring options for every song tested during the date range you define.


This report will show you, for example, exactly how many people selected "4", how many selected "5" for each song, etc.  This can be helpful in determining if scoring is skewing heavily in one direction or another for a particular song or group of songs.


There is one other unique feature of the Raw Counts Report.  It is the only report in ComQuest which displays a total score count beside each song!  All other reports, which display an "n=" value at the top of the page, or at the top of individual columns, are merely indicating the maximum count of scores for any one (or more) songs on that particular report.  That count may be consistent among all songs... or it may not be.  The only way to know for sure how many scores each individual song has for a test period, is to run the Raw Counts Report, either to the screen or the printer.


HandQuite often, if we're trying to resolve some inequity in your data between reports, we'll run the Raw Counts Report first, to see the exact score counts for each song.


The Raw Counts report can be sorted by any of the answers; for example the order of songs could be sorted in descending order based on the number of people that selected "5" as their response, as we have done in the example report above.


In addition to selecting sort order, you can also filter for a specific ethnic group, age range or gender.  You can also use a Report Profile, as we have done by selecting only WAAA P1's for the report above.



Raw Counts report filter