Random Number Generation

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Generate Random Numbers screen


Random Generation of Phone Numbers is the quickest, easiest, and obviously the cheapest way to get new numbers into your system.  The new numbers generated are built on the foundation of successful completes already in the system.  Using the area code, exchange and call block (the first two numbers after the exchange), the last two numbers are randomly generated (between 00-99).  This new number is then added to your phone file.


For example, if the phone number of one of your successful completes is 619-268-4821, the system would generate a new random phone number of 619-268-48XX, where XX is a random number between 00 and 99.  After this new number is generated, it is checked again existing numbers in your database.  If there is no such number, it is added.


Obviously, the more  completes you have, the better, as the system will then devise a broader array of numbers both geographically and numerically.  You can generate any quantity of numbers desired; it should take about a minute to generate about 1,000 new phone numbers.


This process produces diminishing returns, if it is the only way you are adding new phone numbers to the system.  Eventually, you will have exhausted all possible combinations for random number generation of previous completes (there are only 99 possible combinations for each complete), and this process will run more slowly... as it labors to generate a new random number that has not already been generated.  You must from time to time replenish your sample with fresh, compiled leads from a source such as SSI, InfoBase, MetroMail or Donnelley.


To generate random numbers, either enter how many numbers you wish to generate, or use the spin boxes to select the quantity you want, then click OK.  The new numbers are appended to your existing Respondents file.  As they are already randomly generated, there is no reason to Shuffle Respondents after running this procedure.


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