Question Summary Report

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Question Summary report


The Question Summary Report is the quickest way to get an overview of how each question you tested during a specified date range is testing. The Question reports referred to in this section and the three sections that follow all relate to Interactive questions that are asked of respondents once they are transferred to the Fileserver.  To view and print reports based on Perceptual Questions asked by interviewers, refer to the Perceptual Report section of the User's Guide.


Based on the demo range, gender and date range you enter in the filter screen, all questions that have test scores based on that criteria will be compiled and displayed.  For more detailed test results, please see the Question Detail Report.


The responses for each question are ranked in descending order, with the most mentioned response first, the second most mentioned response second, etc.  Both raw and percentage scores are displayed for each response.


The text displayed for each question, as well as the various answer responses, are pulled from the text you entered for each in the Update Questions procedure. Always be sure the recorded audio question prompt is similar to the typed text you have entered for each question, so these results will be relevant and meaningful.


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