Question History Report

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Question History report


After you've been testing a group of questions for awhile, you might want to see an overview of how some specific questions have tested for the duration.


The Question History Report lets you pick a question from your Library.  First select a date range from which you wish to compile this report.



Question History report filter


You can also specify a demo range, gender and whether or not you want to include Question scores from all respondents, or just those who completed the song survey.  You can also apply a Report Profile against the results for filtering a subset of respondents.


After you've made your selections on the filter screen, you'll see a list of active questions in your system.



Select Question screen


The dates each question was first tested, and most recently tested, are displayed beside each question.


This date range represents the broadest range possible for this report.  However, you may narrow the scope of the report if you wish and override this default date range by typing in any start/end date combination you wish on the filter screen.


Working from the start date you specify in the filter (generally the first date you have any scores for this question), the Question History Report will automatically place scores into discrete weeks for you.  Scores from the first 7 days (including the start date), will be included in the first week of test scores.  Scores from the next 7 days are included in the second week, etc.  This process continues until ComQuest has reached the end date you specified on the report filter.


The Question History Report displays weekly scores for each of the responses received for the question you selected.  You may also filter for a specific demo/gender combination if you wish, and redirect the report to either the printer, a file (PDF or ASCII text), or to the screen for viewing.