Purge Terminates

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Once a respondent is terminated, they will never come up again in the database.  For this reason, you may wish to purge terminates from your database.  This will make your respondents and History files quite a bit smaller, and may slightly improve the speed of the system.  In addition, the next time we export a file of existing phone numbers in your database, to provide to the list broker for de-duping against your next order of phone number sample, these terminates will no longer reside in your system, and you could quite possibly pick up some new phone numbers, that were previously terminated, due to being out of service or non-working.



Purge Terminates processing screen


When you select Purge Terminates from the Utilities / File Maintenance menu, the system will prompt you for an end date, through which all terminated records will be deleted, as well as all History records for anyone who has never taken the test.  Anybody with Scores will not be purged, as their respondent information would still be needed should you run any reports that include scores from that respondent.


The purging process takes a while; you may wish to run this overnight or during the day when the system is otherwise not needed.  You may interrupt the purging by pressing the Escape key at any time.  Whether it completes purging all available terminates or you interrupt it before it's done, the key files for the Respondent and History files will be rebuilt.


One reason for purging Terminates would be if you have been using ComQuest for awhile, and you have many people, from several years ago, that were terminated, either due to non-response or non-working phone numbers.  If you purge Terminates, then we create a new output file of your existing (remaining) phone number database, we can provide this to a list broker, such as SSI or InfoBase, and order additional sample.  The terminated phone numbers that were purged will not be part of the de-dupe list that we provide the broker, so it is conceivable, and quite likely, that many will now be working phone numbers assigned to another residence, and might indeed be worth calling again in the near future.