Purge Perceptual Samples

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After you have constructed a new Perceptual Survey, or made some question changes to an existing one, you will probably want to test the survey.  You can do this without actually calling a real respondent, right in the Perceptual Survey procedure.  The answers to the test surveys are added to your perceptual results database as respondent 0.  They are not counted when you compile any reports, but it's important that they are added to the database, so you can confirm that the perceptual survey is flowing properly, and the correct data is getting stored for each question.


After storing these sample/test responses, you may be wondering how to purge them from your system.  This is the purpose of the Purge Perceptual Samples procedure.  This procedure will simply loop through all your perceptual data results, and delete any responses from respondent number 0 (the number assigned to sample/test data results).


While this procedure is running, you'll see the following screen displayed that will keep you updated on how many total perceptual responses are being processed, and how many sample/test data records have actually been deleted:



Purging Perceptual Samples



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