Purge Scores & History

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Every week, regular Call Out testing swells the Scores data file by about 40,000 bytes.  After two or three weeks, this is no big deal.  But after eight or nine months, it's possible for your Scores file to be more than 1.5 megabytes!  Maintaining a file this large is no problem for ComQuest, but the key files must be updated every time new scores are added to the system.  This used to slow the system down, but now with faster Pentiums running with more memory, (and certainly larger hard drives), it's not the problem it used to be.


You can alleviate this problem by periodically Purging Scores.  If you're a Contemporary station, and you change the current songs you're testing on ComQuest each week, you probably will have no reason to ever go back to review any testing done several months ago.  If you print out hard copy reports each week, and keep these on file, that's probably the only information you'd need if you did choose to go back to a previous week's test.  In this case, you should consider Purging Old Scores every few weeks.



Purge Scores screen


When you select Purge Scores, the date box will default to 30 days ago.  Any Scores prior to this date will be deleted.  Saving only Scores from the last 30 days will still allow you to run any 3 or 4-week trend reports you desire, while substantially reducing the size of your Scores file.