Purge Old Perceptual Results

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If you're sure you'll have no need for some of the older perceptual results in your system, perhaps from an old survey that you already have all the printed reports for, you can purge those results using this procedure.



Purge Old Perceptual screen


After selecting this procedure from the Utilities / File Maintenance menu, enter an End Date before which you want to delete all perceptual data.


HandThis procedure is not survey specific!


Data will be deleted based on the date it was collected, not according to which survey it is part of. All perceptual data from all surveys that is dated prior to the End Date that you specify will be deleted!


Click the OK button to begin deleting the old perceptual data, or click Cancel to exit out of this procedure without deleting any data.  While data is actually being deleted, you may press the Escape key to stop the purging of old perceptual results.