Prioritize Panels

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Respondents that have previously taken the test are referred to as Panels. These respondents are  assigned a new date/time callback record in the Schedule file when they complete the test (assuming you have Turn Panels On checked in the Defaults/Panels screen.)


When interviewers begin a new callout session each day, they will have many Scheduled respondents waiting to be called back; some will be Busys and Answering Machines; others will be panels; test-takers from previous weeks.


As a method of improving productivity, there is a routine built-in to ComQuest known as Prioritize Panels.  This procedure will sift through all the pending Scheduled records through today, and change the callback date of those who previously took the test (whether they completed it or not) to 1/1/97.


Why January 1, 1997? This was an arbitrary date we selected several years ago.  By changing the respondent's callback date from today, or even yesterday or last week to 1/1/97, we have effectively moved that respondent (and other panelists like them) to the front of the Schedule file.  This, in effect, will ensure that they are called first; before any of the waiting Busys and Answering Machines.  As the odds are more likely that you'll be able to convert a previous test-taker into a new test-taker more so than you would an Answering Machine or Busy, Prioritize Panels is a powerful function.


HandAs Prioritize Panels sorts through all of today's Scheduled call backs, and moves panels forward, it's important that you only run this procedure before interviewers begin making calls for today.


The reason for this is simple; if interviewers have already started placing calls for today, they will almost immediately begin affecting the order and composition of the Schedule file. For example, if an interviewer has already scheduled a respondent that previously took the test to be called back at 8:00pm today, then you subsequently run the Prioritize Panels routine, you will now be moving that respondent once again to 1/1/97, and they'll be called back almost immediately (they're once again at the front of the file), rather than at the appointed 8:00pm time, as the interviewer had intended.


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