Print Completes

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Printed Completes report


To view or print detailed respondent information about those people who Completed the test, select Print Completes from the Analysis/Respondent File menu.



Print Completes filter


From the filter screen, indicate the date range, age range, gender and any Report Profile you wish to apply against the output.  For example, if you have a profile of just your station's P1 listeners, you could view or print Completes from only those respondents that are P1's of your station.


This procedure is generally used to provide a list of leads to an out-of-house research firm recruiting respondents for an Auditorium Music Test, Perceptual or Focus Group research on behalf of your station.  The name, address, phone number, demo, gender and date and status information is provided which makes it easy to build a file of qualified prospects for your other research project.


HandYou can also create an ASCII text file of the output from this procedure, or any report, by first sending the report to the screen, then selecting the Text Output icon on the viewer TextIcon, and naming and saving the file.


If you ultimately want to create an output file, rather than a printed report, of previous Completes, the Export Respondent Records procedure provides more flexibility and options.


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