Preferred Station

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Second Station listening box


Second Station Box


Determining the respondent's Favorite Station from all those mentioned will be used to develop reports and browses based on core listening to specified stations.  If your station has set up the Second Station box to not accept multiple stations, as soon as one station is selected by the interviewer, ComQuest will jump to the next question (usually Ethnicity).


Any stations that are mentioned and not included in the list of stations can most likely be found on the Auxiliary Stations list of stations.  This list is accessed simply by clicking on the Other choice.  From the Auxiliary Stations list, original choices can be changed as well as any extra stations you have chosen to track.


The logic of the two Station Boxes, as well as the terminology displayed in each header, can be changed on the Defaults / Stations screen.  While most stations use the boxes to track Cume/Preference, you can also define the logic of the two boxes to track Preference/Cume, P1/P2 preference, Cume Only or combine Cume/Pref.


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