Positive Acceptance Report

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Positive Acceptance report


Positive Acceptance provides filter options based on Demographics and Gender.  The printed report includes 4-week Positive Acceptance trend information on all songs tested in the most recent week, plus any available information on each of those songs for the three weeks prior to This Week.


The end date you specify in the filter determines what scores will be included in this report.  All scores for the 6-day period prior to the End Date you enter on the filter screen will be calculated and displayed under the column to the far right.  Scores from 7-13 days prior to the End Date you enter will be under the Last Week column; scores from 14-20 days before the End Date you enter will fall into the second column, and scores from 21-27 days before the End Date you specify will be displayed under the first column.


As you can see, the date you select as your End Date is critical in determining which week particular scores belong to.  For example, if today is Tuesday, a score from last Wednesday would be included as part of "This Week" (the 7-day period defined as "This Week" would include all scores collected between and including last Wednesday and today, Tuesday).  But tomorrow (Wednesday), that same score will become part of the "Last Week" score totals, as it has now moved one day further away from the End Date you specify for your research report.


Positive Acceptance is calculated by adding together all Scores you have indicated in the Set Scores procedure for the "Positive" range, and dividing by the total number of scores for each particular song.  The result is then multiplied by 100, and displayed as a percentage. This includes "Like It A Little", "Like It Some", "Like It A Lot" and "Favorite".  If each of these responses are weighted at 1.0, they all count the same.  However, you can skew the Positive Acceptance scores by either rating the lower end of this scale at less that a 1:1 weight, and/or weighting the upper end ("Favorite") at greater than a 1:1 relationship.  For example, if you're using the touch tone "4" to mean "Like It Some", and you're using "5" to mean "Favorite", you might assign a weight of 1.0 to "Like It Some", but a weight of 1.5 or even 2.0 to "Favorite".  This will "boost" the value of each "Favorite" score by this factor.  Those who said the song was their Favorite will carry that much more weight toward determining the Positive Acceptance score.  For more information on weighting, see the section on Scoring Options.


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