Pie Charts

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The most-recent Job dataset is always available to be viewed in Pie Chart form. To access the Pie Charts, click this icon on the main ComQuest window of the Fileserver:




The Pie Chart displays results from five attributes of testing for each song:


Positive Acceptance


Familiarity is represented by the percentage of respondents that said they did not know the song. By displaying unfamiliarity, instead of overall familiarity, which is how the attribute is represented in the Bar Graphs procedure, we are able to add the unfamiliarity together with the other four attributes and present the results as a percentage of all scores.



Song By Song Pie Chart


To advance through the songs in the most-recent Job, click the Next button; to move backwards through the songs, click the Previous button.  You may also select a title directly by clicking the drop-box at the top of the screen.  As you change titles, the artist for each song is displayed immediately below the song title.


At the bottom of the screen, just above the control buttons, is a legend which provides a key for the colors in the pie, and also displays the percentage value for each attribute.


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