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You can maintain multiple databases on your Fileserver, and access any of them from any computer (Workstations or Fileserver), by using the PickPath program.



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PickPath maintains a directory (in the DIRECTOR.DAT file in the C:\ComQuest folder on the Fileserver) for each database you have.  While the default database is stored in the C:\ComQuest folder, you can add and maintain multiple databases, under the C:\ root directory of your Fileserver, using PickPath.


To use PickPath, right-click on the ComQuest program icon, and change the program name.


On the Fileserver, change it to:


C:\ComQuest\PickPath.exe /FS


On the Workstations, change the program name to:


C:\ComQuest\PickPath.exe /WS


To launch Song Survey on the Fileserver, change the program name to:


C:\ComQuest\PickPath.exe /SS



As PickPath requires the exact/correct network path name, you should add new databases to the PickPath program from the Workstations.  This way, the path information you enter will be correct from the Workstation's perspective, which is where it is needed.


In order to use PickPath properly, you must:


Share the C:\ root drive on the Fileserver


Map this drive on each Workstation (we generally use N:\ as the local drive name).


Create additional database folder(s) under the C:\ root directory on the Fileserver


Populate these folder(s) with all the ComQuest *.DAT, *.K0?, *.MEM and *.TPS data files (with the exception of USER_.* and SONGS.* --- these two files are located only in the C:\ComQuest folder)


Add these new directories/folders to PickPath from one of the Workstations (click the right mouse button and select Insert from the pop-up menu)


HandYou can only add a valid directory path that contains a Responde.dat file.


Use the file dialog box when you Insert a new folder to navigate to the desired folder on the Fileserver.  Keep in mind, when you're on a Workstation, that folder will be located on the N:\ drive (or whatever you named it when you mapped the drive).  You will have to change the drive in the file dialog from the default of C:\ to N:\, etc.when you are selecting the new directory on the Fileserver.


After PickPath.exe runs, and you have selected the desired directory from which you wish to work, LaunchCQ.exe will run (if you are on a Workstation). LaunchCQ is merely a program that verifies your network path and connection, and checks to see if there are any new ComQuest program files on the Fileserver.  If there are, they are copied over the network to the Workstation (you'll see the Updating Files window on the Workstation).  While all the ComQuest data files are stored only on the Fileserver, each Workstation maintains its own set of program files (and associated .DLL's and .OCX files).  This enables the program to run much faster on the local (Workstation) computer, than if it had to continually load chunks of the program over the network from the Fileserver.


LaunchCQ.exe will then call the WinQuest.exe program itself, which is the executable portion of the ComQuest program.  There are 6 other .DLLs that are also required for the ComQuest program to operate, as well as other run-time library files, most beginning with C55*.DLL.