Pick List Sorted By Station/Demo

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The other way to view results to Pick List questions, is sorted by Station/Demo.  This report, unlike the 4-Week trend report, will ask you to specify both a start and end date, as well as demo/gender and ethnicity filters.  (You can also weight the results of this report to the demo specs you have set in Recruitment Quotas, although that may tend to skew the results significantly).



Perceptual Pick List Sorted By Station/Demo report


This report will compile the perceptual results for the specific Pick List question you request, from the date range you specify, and present the results sorted by each respondent's favorite station (the station they specified in the second box of listening in the screener).


Within each group of station partisans, a subset of data results is created for each demo/gender cell combination you are using.  Then, within each of those demo/gender breaks, you will see all responses, for any answers given for this specific question.  The raw count (Responses) is displayed, as well as a Percent of All.  The Percent of All is calculated by dividing the number of responses for this specific station/demo/gender group, by the total number of responses from all respondents to this question (and it is then multiplied by 100, to display as a percentage).


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