Password Maintenance

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Password File browse


When new users begin to use the system, they must first be entered into the Password Library.  This will allow you to assign them a Password, as well as a security level, providing them with access only to the necessary areas in the ComQuest program.


HandOnly users with a Security Level of 1000 can add, change or delete records in the Password Library.


A list of users is displayed, alphabetically sorted by either first or last name.  From this browse, you may Insert a new user, Change an existing one, Delete a user or exit from this procedure.



Adding a new user to the Password file


To add a new user, click on Insert with the left mouse button.  A blank screen is displayed, allowing you to enter the First Name, Last Name, Password and Security Level for the user. (The Security Level will default to 200, the standard level for interviewers.)


HandEach ComQuest user must have a unique first name.


That is, only one person can use any particular first name, as only the first name of each interviewer is stored or used when compiling interviewer Incidence reports, etc.


To make changes in the Password or Level of a user already entered in the system, either double-click directly on the desired record in the browse box, or highlight that record and click the Change button.


To delete a user in the system, either double-click directly on the desired record in the browse box, or highlight that record and click the Delete button.  The information for that user will be displayed; click OK and they will be removed from the system.


Password - Change Users


The first entry is the First Name field.  Type the first name of the user, exactly as they will use it when logging on the system.  For example, if you enter "J.J." as their first name and they try to log on using just "JJ" (no periods), ComQuest will not recognize this as the same person.


HandIt is best to let the user type their own First and Last name and Password, to be sure it's entered properly, and the way they would normally type it.


Type the Last name in the same manner.  The system will automatically capitalize the first letter in each name, and place the rest of the letters in lower case, although neither the name nor password are case-sensitive.  This means, however the name and password are entered in the Password file, they can still log-on using all upper case, all lower case or any combination of the two.


The Password can be up to 8 characters (letters and/or numbers).  It, in combination with the user's first and last name, will be required to gain entry into the system when logging on.


The level assigned to each user should allow them to access only the areas that are required.  Someone with higher access than is required could be able to change or delete important information in the system, which is used by others with lower access.


Generally, here is how the access levels for various procedures have been set up, based on job functions:


                 Interviewer                                  200

                 Production Director                  400

                 Music Director                      600

                 Research Director                    800 or 1000

                 Program/Operations Director        1000


A level of 1000 is required to gain access to the Password Maintenance module.  So, the only people that can view, change or add Passwords or Levels are users that already have an access level of 1000.


Password Levels


Here are the procedures in ComQuest that can be accessed at each level:




Make Calls

Review Most Recent Calls (limited access)

Review History

Contact Technical Support

Respondent File By Respondent Number

Rebuild Keys

Renew License




All the above, plus:

Review Completes

Incidence Report

Respondent File By Name & Phone Number




All the above, plus:

Browse Results

Print Reports

Add New Songs

Song Test List

Update Questions

Add New Phone Numbers

Generate Random Phone Numbers

Batch Reports

Change Prefixes

View Perceptual Results

View Schedule File

View Song Library

Backup Data




All the above, plus:

Interviewer Incidence

Delete Incomplete Scores

Review Changes

Perceptual Surveys

Set Recruitment Quotas

Scores Integrity Report

View/Change Scores




All the above, plus:

Change Defaults

Change Scripts

Check For Dupes

Export To PowerGold

Import New Numbers

Purge Terminates

Reactivate Not Qualified's

Restore Data Backup

Global Values

Change Modem Settings

Select Printer

Purge Scores

Export ASCII Data

Export Records

Set Scores

Auxiliary Stations

Change Browse Colors




All the above, plus:

Password Maintenance


Users with lower security levels, such as interviewers at level 200, will not see many of the menu options in ComQuest, or be able to click on many of the program icons.