Partisans Report

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Printed Partisans Positive Acceptance report


The Partisans Report offers Positive Acceptance break outs based on P1 and P2 listening for your station, as well as P1 listening for your five most direct competitors, all stations (Total), Cume scores for the first three stations and Male and Female gender breaks.


For the purpose of this report, P1 listening is determined by the answer to the second station's box in the Screener.  This assumes you are using the two boxes for Cume and Preference (the second box determines Partisan status).  If you are using the two boxes for First Favorite/Second Favorite or Most Listened To/2nd Most Listened To, this report will not provide the desired information.


The Report filter for the Partisans report allows you to specify a start and end date as well as demo and gender filter.



Partisans report filter


You can also specify by which field you want the results sorted; "Total", "Females", "Males", various stations' P1 status, etc.


HandAll the respondent information stored in ComQuest is dynamic.


This means that it is constantly changing and being updated.  Although particular song scores are static (once they're collected, they never change), the respondent records to which they are linked may change.  Keep this in mind when you're running any reports that rely on values stored in the respondents file, such as this Partisans Report.  Some people that may have preferred a specific station 6 months ago when you first ran a Partisans report may have since changed.  Subsequently running the same report for the same date range (and linking to respondent records which have now changed), will produce a slightly different result.