Palm Pilot

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ComQuest can hot-synch a variety of reports with any Palm device utilizing version 2.x + of the hot-synch software.


If you need to initialize hot-synch on the ComQuest Fileserver for a new user, follow these steps:


1.Change default user (ComQuest) in Palm Desktop Software on Fileserver to new user's name, such as Joe Blow. Also click the Install icon in lower corner of Desktop software, and add the C:\Pilot\Add-on\TOGO.PRC for this user.


2.Edit the PALM.BAT file in C:\ComQuest on the Fileserver.  Change the user name within quotes to this new user name:  ex: ComQuest becomes Joe Blow.  Leave all other data in this file as-is.


3.Perform a Hot Sync with the new Palm Pilot to initialize this name/user.


4.ToGo should then also be loaded and available as a Palm application.


The synched reports will appear on your Palm device under the application ToGo.  They will reside on your Palm device until the next time you create a new Job in ComQuest, and then perform a hot-synch from the ComQuest Fileserver.