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Adding New Numbers menu options


There are three ways to get new phone numbers into the ComQuest system:


Manual Entry


If your station has a list of listeners... or the competitor's listeners, etc., you may manually enter those numbers by selecting this option.


Import ASCII Data


You can import an ASCII fixed-length text list from another program such as Excel or Word, or from a list company, such as SSI, InfoBase, MetroMail or Donnelley.


Random Phone Number Generation


There are two types of random phone number generation.  The first process involves building random numbers based on the exchange and call block of successful completes already in the system.  The second builds completely random numbers, based on Area Code and prefix combinations you have entered into the system.


In addition to loading new phone numbers into your system, the other options under Data Management / New Phone Numbers allow you to Reactivate Unqualified Respondents, Convert Area Codes, Detect Numbers Automatically and Check For Dupes.