Not Qualified

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When a respondent is not qualified for the survey for some reason, you will see this fact displayed in the Interviewer Scripts across the top of the screen.



Not Qualified script


Generally, the reason relates directly to the most recent selection you made on the Screener.


Examples of reasons for Not Qualifying include:


Out of Age Range


Wrong Ethnicity


Wrong Gender


Cumed Wrong Stations


Selected Wrong Station As Favorite


Your options are to re-qualify someone else in the household (select Requalify button), or end the call (select Not Qualified button).  If there is someone else available in the household that might qualify, selecting Requalify will clear the screen and return you to the introductory script, preparing you to re-qualify the next respondent.


HandYou should not click Terminate for the respondent, if they're merely Not Qualified to take the test at this time.


Selecting Not Qualified will give the respondent that status, and will bring up the next respondent to call.  (You should turn off your phone after ending your conversation with the respondent).


Respondents that are Not Qualified for one reason or another can be reactivated, in subsequent research cycles, by using the Reactivate Respondents procedure.  Many times people will not qualify for the music test, because you already have enough respondents in that specific  demo/gender group, but on another day, in another research cycle they normally would qualify.


One reason you would want to Reactivate Respondents is demonstrated in the following example. Let's say that 18-24 Female is one of the cells from which you recruit respondents each week.  But this cell also has a cap of 10 on it. This means that only 10 18-24 Females will be recruited each week.  If you hit that cap sometime on Tuesday, all other 18-24 Females your interviewers speak with throughout the rest of the week will be Not Qualified's.  The problem is, those additional 18-24 Females are not needed at this time; hence, they're Not Qualified's.  However, they would be acceptable in any other research cycle when the cap limit has not already been reached.


Thus, in this scenario, you would want to go back at some point and Reactivate those 18-24 Females that were previously Not Qualified, bringing them back into the database and available for consideration in subsequent research cycles.  The same situation can also occur when you place Quota caps on Ethnic groups, or Favorite Stations.  We recommend that if you are using Caps to any great extent, that you run the Reactivate Respondents procedure at least once a month, generally at the start of a new research cycle.


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