Name Field

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Name field in screener


Name Field


This field is provided for the respondent's name, should you know it.  Some databases come pre loaded with either a residence last name, or a first and last name.  If your database contains this information, it will be displayed for each phone number you call.


If not contained in your database, you can enter a first name, or first and last name, of the person you're interviewing (provided they're, of course, willing to give it to you).  This is helpful in adding a personal touch to the interview, if you're able to call them by name now and then, and it's also helpful in the case of having to call the person back at a later date or time.


Respondent Address Screen


There is a shortcut to the Respondent Address information screen.  While in Make Calls, if you click on the respondent's Name field, then press the F9 function key, a Respondent Address window will pop-up.



Respondent address screen


From this window, you can change the respondent's name, address, city, state, zip and phone number.  There is also a Note field into which up to 70 characters can be typed.


Additionally, interviewers can export this respondent record to a file, which can then later be viewed or exported. The file created is called ADDRESS.CHG and is in the C:\ComQuest folder on the Fileserver.  You can view, print and purge this file by going to Review Changes under the Callout Menu. This functionality could be helpful to you if you want to tag various respondent records for later use in Focus Group or Auditorium Music Test recruitment, or for addition or updating of an existing station promotional database.


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