Move Interviewer

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If you are conducting music testing for multiple stations on more than one Fileserver, you can use this feature to move select interviewers from one database to another.


Rather than have to go to each interviewer, wait until they complete a call, and then request that they move to another database, you can use the Move Interviewer procedure.



Move Interviewer screen


On the left side of the screen you'll see a list of all interviewers currently logged in, sorted by the databases they are working in.  On the right side of the screen is a list of all databases accessible from your first (primary) Fileserver.


HandYou must run this procedure from the first (primary) Fileserver!


As the list of databases available is compiled from the Pick Path file listing on your first Fileserver, you should only run this procedure from that Fileserver.


To move an interviewer, simply click on their name on the left side of the screen, so their record is highlighted. Next, click on the database you wish to move them to in the list on the right.  Then, click the Move button at the bottom of the screen. A green check mark will be added to the interviewer's record, and a yellow entry under the "Move To" field will appear, indicating that you have now flagged this interviewer to move.


The interviewer will see a scrolling message at the top of their Make Calls screen, directing them to move to the database you have specified.



Scrolling message telling interviewer to move


While the interviewer will not be moved automatically, once you have requested that they move, they will not be able to dial another call in Make Calls, until they do move to the new database.  This allows them to finish the call they are currently making, but then forces them to immediately move to the database you want them in after that call.