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If you have enabled Interviewer Monitoring in the Override Settings, you will be able to view a replica of each interviewer's Workstation screen in real-time from any other computer on your ComQuest network (a Fileserver, Workstation or computer in your office, if it's on the ComQuest network).


This feature is generally only used by clients with a fairly large call center, where it's not possible, or desirable, to view each interviewer's Workstation merely by looking over their shoulder.  If your Fileserver is in a separate room, or in another room, and would like to view an interviewer's Workstation monitor in real-time, this is the procedure to use.


To access the list of interviewers currently in Make Calls, first select Real Time Metrics from the Interviewer Incidence option under the Callout menu.


Click on the interviewer's name you wish to monitor, and the screen you see will reflect the exact choices (station listening, demo, gender, ethnicity) that the interviewer has made to the current record on their Workstation.



Monitor Interviewer screen


As the interviewer you're monitoring continues making calls, each previous call gets added to the browse list at the bottom of the screen, with the most-recent calls completed listed at the top of the browse (the display list is sorted in descending order, with the most-recent calls first).


This screen is best used while listening to the actual telephone conversation the interviewer is having with the respondent; particularly while they are qualifying a respondent to take the music test.  This way, you can be sure that the information the respondent is giving the interviewer is correctly entered into the system by the interviewer.


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