Modem Settings - Paging Tech Support

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Interviewers can send a page through ComQuest's SkyPager 1-800 number directly from their Workstations. The settings for these pages are made from the Modem Settings/Paging tab in Settings & Defaults.  You can access the Modem Settings page directly by selecting it under the Utilities menu, or by clicking on this icon on the main ComQuest window:





Modem Settings - Page Tech Support screen


Modem protocol settings included Initialization string, prefix and suffix digits, and any parameters required to access outline phone lines at your station (dial 9 first, etc.).


The Pager Suffix sequence is unique to your station.  That is, this sequence includes embedded code which tells Tech Support which station has paged.  As such, you should not make any changes to this field without first contacting ComQuest Technical Support.


HandThe first character in the Pager Suffix must always be a 1.


This is the character that SkyPager initially requires to activate paging mode.


The Init String is almost always set to ATZ^M. Other settings should remain as is, unless for some reason hardware changes (new modem or Workstation, etc.) requires changes be made.  You're advised to contact Technical Support before making any changes which might result in the system not handling call processing properly.  At the very least, be sure to note the initial settings entered into the system, before changing them.


If there is a Research Director or Program Director that would also like interviewers to be able to page from within the ComQuest program, you should enter their pager phone number in the PD Pager field.  Precede it with the standard ATDT command, and add as many commas as necessary to the end of the sequence, to wait for the number to be dialed and the call completed (each comma will pause the process for :02 seconds, before the Pager Suffix is then sent).  The number that the PD or Research Director will see on their pager will be the number contained in the Pager Suffix field.


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