Mean Score Rolling

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Printed Mean Score report


If your station is using a 1-5 scale to rate Positive Acceptance, the Mean Score Report will give you the mean value of each song tested during your selected date range.


The Mean Score is the same as an average of all the scores, on a scale of 1 to 5.


There are two types of mean reports you can run; a Rolling Average or Weekly Trend.  The Rolling Average report allows you to define a start and end date.  All scores within that date range will be compiled to determine the mean scores.  Any song that had at least one score within that date range will be included, so if you specify a date range of several weeks, you will see every song that was ever tested during that period.


The Mean Score is calculated by adding together all the 1-5 scores for each song (all other scores are ignored), and dividing by the total number of 1-5 scores for each song.


HandIf you are using options other than 1-5 to rank popularity, you should not use the Mean Score Reports.


The Mean Score/Rolling report also includes the Familiarity, Positive, Dislike and Burn score for each song.


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