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If you have a (fairly) short list of Phone Numbers you wish to add to your database, you should select this option.  If you have more than a few hundred, it might be easier to construct ASCII output of the data (provided the Names/Numbers are stored on a computer), and import them using that procedure.



Adding A New Number Manually


The default area code in your system is displayed.  This value is set in the Modem Settings screen.  If you have a couple numbers from a different area code to enter, you can override this default value, and type in the new area code.  If you have many numbers from a different area code to add, you may want to change the Area Code value in Modem Settings to the new area code (don't forget to change it back before you begin making calls again!).


In addition to the regular phone number, you may also enter an optional daytime number, if you have it, and if you'll be placing research calls during the day.  The daytime number only comes up when you make calls prior to the time you've entered in the Day/Night field of the Defaults  screen.  For example, if you have the Day/Night field set at 17:00 (5:00pm), any calls that are placed prior to 5:00pm will automatically dial the Optional Daytime number; after 5:00pm the regular number will be dialed.  This works well for making calls during the day... as long as you have enough respondents in the system with Optional Daytime numbers.  Remember, when using the Day/Night feature, only respondents that have an Optional Daytime number will come up before the Day/Night time you have specified.


You can also enter the gender of each respondent as you add them to the system, if you know it.  The interviewer will still have to screen for this information anyway, but if you're trying to use the Gender Mix feature (alternate 50/50 Male/Female), it's helpful to add the records with gender, if you can.  If you don't want to specify gender when entering records, just leave this field set at N/A.


When manually entering phone numbers, you have the option of setting those numbers to be called randomly (mixed in with all other uncalled numbers), to be called as soon as possible, or to be called at a fixed time.


Here is what happens when each of the three When To Call radio buttons are selected:


Randomly Select.  The name/number are added to your respondents file without any schedule/call-back record.  The number will come up randomly, just like any other uncalled number in the system.


Call ASAP.  The name/number is added to your respondents file, and a schedule record with the current date and time is added to the schedule file for each respondent.  Once any past-due respondents have been called, these newly added respondents will begin to come up.


Fixed Time.  If you have respondents that have requested they be contacted at a specific time, you may enter that fixed time as you add them to the respondent file, and a fixed-time schedule record will be added.  A fixed-time schedule record means the respondent will only come up during a one-hour window, beginning with the time you enter in the fixed time field.


You may only enter phone numbers that don't currently exist in your system. When you click OK to add a new record, the phone number you have entered is checked against the phone numbers in your respondents file. If that phone number already exists, a message on the top of the screen will indicate Phone Number Already Exists, and the duplicate record you are trying to add will not be added.


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