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Make Calls, either selected from the Callout Menu, or by clicking this icon


finds the next number to be called from your database, and displays it on the interviewer's Workstation to be called.  In case there are any respondents who are to be called back (if their line was Busy or had an Answering Machine on a previous try; or if they've previously taken the test and indicated that they are willing to participate again; or if they asked that someone call them back later), these will be selected, provided they are tagged to have been called back no later than 3 minutes from the current date and time.


If there is prior information about a respondent (demo, gender, ethnicity), only those respondents that qualify based on your current test specs (Set Recruitment Quotas), will be sent to an interviewer's Workstation.  Those respondents that don't qualify, will be tagged to be called back at this same time in 5 days.  This staggers the call back process, so that respondents that are not qualified at this time will either move to the end of this test week, or the beginning portion of the next test week.  This process continues until they finally qualify to be called back.


A person that was scheduled to be called back yesterday but wasn't, would come up before a person that was to be called back an hour ago.  ComQuest automatically determines when those people should be called back.


Fixed Call backs indicate a person has requested that they be contacted at a specific time.  For example, if a respondent says she doesn't even get home from work until 7:30, and prefers to be called back after 8:00, you can enter a Callback time of 8:00 and check the Fixed Callback box.  This person will only come up between 8:00 and 9:00 pm.  (Fixed Call backs provide for a sixty-minute calling window into the past and 5-minutes into the future.)


HandYou can change many of the parameters used in Make Calls by activating various Override Settings.


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