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When you are placing songs on your Song Test List, you will lookup titles in this browse screen:



Song Lookup


1. After typing a few characters of the new title, press the tab key, and the system will lookup the song and either display it in the browse list, or display the closest matching song.


2. If the song is there (you already entered it or it was tested in a previous week), simply click the Place button (while the desired song is highlighted), and it will be placed into that position.


3. If the song is not listed in the browse, you must first add the song to the Library before completing step 2 above.  Add a song by clicking on the Add button at the bottom of the lookup browse.


To correct any misspelled titles or artists, place the highlight bar over the desired song and click on the Fix Typos button.  This is the same as changing the label on a cart.  You can change or correct the label, BUT IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE AUDIO THAT IS ATTACHED TO THIS HOOK.


The only way to delete a song hook is to actually re-record a new hook in Cool Edit, and save it with the filename of the hook you want to overwrite.


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