Lines Full

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Lines full scrolling text in Make Calls


Occasionally, interviewers will hit such a level of productivity, that all the phone lines on the Fileserver are full with test takers. If they attempt to transfer yet another respondent, they will receive a busy signal, and/or the respondent will be kicked back to their Workstation.  In any event, the respondent will not be able to take the test.


When all the phone lines on the Fileserver (usually four) are full, interviewers will see the following scrolling message displayed in their Make Calls screen, right above the script: "All Fileserver Lines Are Full!!! Please Wait!"  They should not transfer another respondent to the Fileserver until this message is replaced with "Lines Now Open", or they visually verify that there is at least one phone line open on the Fileserver.


In addition to the "Lines Full..." message, interviewers will also be notified in this same manner when specific demo/gender cells have just been closed (these status messages are displayed on interviewer Workstations for approximately 5 minutes).