License Renewal

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Similar to many music scheduling systems, ComQuest is available only on a license basis.  Periodically you'll have to call us to update your license information.  Beginning 10 days before your license is set to expire, you will see a "License Expires In XX Days..." reminder when you log-in to ComQuest on any of the computers.



License Expires warning


When you select Renew License from the Utilities menu, you can only renew the license when you're within that 10-day warning period.  If it's more than 10 days before your license expires, you will only be able to view license information, such as your call letters, serial number and when the license will expire.  You can't renew the software license until you're within the 10-day warning period.


When you call us to renew your software license, please be logged in to the ComQuest program on one of the computers (it doesn't matter which one), and go to Renew License under the Utilities menu. Call us from a phone located near this computer.  You will need to read us much of the information on this screen, including Date/Time, Call Letters, Serial Number, and Lock Code.  We will then give you a Pass code which will update your license for another 90-days.


HandIf your station is more than 30-days past-due with any of your ComQuest monthly license payments, we will not be able to update your software license, until you become current with your account.


It doesn't matter which computer you update the license from; any of the Workstations or the main Fileserver are fine; the license information is actually stored on the Fileserver and used by all computers in your system over the network.  Once you update the license with us from any of the computers, all computers will then be updated.  In other words, you don't have to Renew License on all the computers; just on one of them.


Once the 10-day warning period has elapsed, your software license will expire.  You will not be able to Make Calls, or access anything else in ComQuest until your license is renewed. Once the 10-day warning period has elapsed, and your software has actually expired, you must log-in to ComQuest using a special code we give you, rather than your usual name/password combination.  Logging in with your usual name/password combination, once your license has actually expired, will not give you access to the License Renewal screen.


HandPlease call us the first business day (Monday through Friday) during regular business hours (8:30am - 5:30pm) when you begin seeing the License Expires... reminder.  If your license actually expires on a weekend or holiday, we may not be able to update your license until the next business day!


You are not able to change the software serial number or call letters in your system.  To change this information, please contact ComQuest Technical Support at 619-659-3600, Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm PST.


License CPU


The first time ComQuest is installed or loaded on a new computer, you will also have to license the CPU. This allows you to actually run the program on this computer.


Unlike the 90-day cyclical program license, you must only license the CPU once; the first time you attempt to enter the ComQuest program after installing the software on the computer.  You will need a unique license code for each computer the software is installed on.  Please contact ComQuest Technical Support for this license code.