Interviewer Scripts

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Interviewer Script in Make Calls screen


Each step of the way during the screening process, interviewers are guided by scripts at that top of the Make Calls screen.  While interviewers are encouraged to convey this information to each respondent in their own conversational style, it's imperative that for proper recruitment they not deviate from these scripts!  For example, if one interviewer asks respondents to name the stations they've listened to in the last week (unaided recall), while another is actually reading the list of radio stations and asking respondents whether they've listened to each station (aided recall), your research will be tainted.  Proper recruitment of all qualified participants is critical, and is ultimately the responsibility of each interviewer.


The Interviewer Scripts are customizable by your radio station. In addition to defining the exact wording that the interviewers use, you can also embed the interviewer's first name (by typing the word INTERVIEWER), as well as the respondent's first name (by typing the word RESPONDENT) in any of the scripts.  You may also store two sets of Scripts in the system; one in English (the default) and a second set in any other language you desire.  Interviewers may toggle between the two sets of scripts at any point during the screening processing simply by pressing the F3 key on their keyboard.  This keeps the interviewers from having to translate English to another language (or vice versa) on the fly.


If there is a scroll bar displayed to the right of the script, as in the example shown above, this means there is more text, and the interviewer should scroll down to read the rest of the script.  As each script can be more than 50 lines in length, interviewers will need to scroll on any scripts that are longer than 6-8 lines (depending on the font style and size used).


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