Interviewer Detail

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Interviewer Incidence Detail report


This report displays the number of hours each interviewer was making calls during a specified period, as well as the number of Total Attempts, Completes, Terminates, Not Qualified's and Recalls they generated during that period.  A calculated hourly rate is also shown for each interviewer.  This is helpful in determining how productive each interviewer is, as well as helping in scheduling and budgeting for future call-out.


When reviewing efficiency statistics, compare Attempts and Terminates between interviewers, as well as Completes.  While Completes represent the ultimate goal of the callout process, Attempts and Terminates can be just as revealing.  For example, if one interviewer is producing only half the average number of Attempts per hour as the other interviewers, you may have a problem with a person who is distracted or doesn't take rejection from unwilling participants very well.


On the other hand, if the Attempts and Completes look good, but the number of Terminates is inordinately high, this could represent a tendency to "bail out" on a prospect too early.  Many respondents will initially decline to participate in any telephone research or survey; that's human nature.  However, with a little convincing and a slight amount of selling, many of these respondents can be converted into willing participants.


A high percentage of Not Qualified's for one interviewer might mean the person wasn't working hard at finding someone else in the household who might be qualified to take the test.


Use these hourly rates as a gauge of how well or poorly individual interviewers are doing at:


Clicking the Dial button; and,


Converting qualified prospects into participants (high Complete rate; low Terminate/Not Qualified rates).


If you have Completes Only turned on in the Defaults / Configure Screen, the report will indicate Completes, while if Completes Only is turned off, the report will display Take Tests/Completes.


Keep in mind the total hours indicated reflect the difference between the time of the first call and the last call made by each interviewer each day.  Thus, breaks or shift changes are not reflected in these total hours.


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