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In the Browse All Calls, select the interviewer's first name from the browse box.  You will see all calls attributed to that interviewer in the browse.



Interviewer Browse screen


When the list of interviewers is displayed, double-click the left mouse button on the desired interviewer (or click the Select button when the desired interviewer's name is highlighted).  You'll see a sequential listing of all calls processed by that interviewer beginning with the first call they made.  Use the VCR buttons on the bottom of the browse list to navigate through the records.



Interviewer Incidence screen


The Interviewer Browse is much like Review History, except calls made by all other interviewers are filtered out.  You can review individual calls made by the desired interviewer from this screen.  While there are no summary statistics, this is a good way to locate a specific call made by a certain interviewer.


Much like the Review Most Recent Calls, Review Completes and Respondent File views, you can double-click on any respondent listed on this screen, and access that respondent's detailed record information.


You can print a date range of records for this interviewer from this screen (click Print button), or print just the Completes for this interviewer from a specific date range (click Print Completes button).  This printed list can then be used to manually verify or confirm calls made by a particular interviewer.


Navigate to calls from a specific date by either typing that date in the lookup field at the top of the screen, or clicking the calendar  lookup button. calendar


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