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Welcome to ComQuest Win '98 installation.  There are many components that must be installed on your Fileserver and Workstations for the ComQuest program to operate properly.  Most of the instructions that follow are the same for Windows '98 and NT; in some cases you will see specific instructions for each operating system.  Skip any instructions that are intended for an operating system that you are not using. Note: We highly recommend running ComQuest with Windows '98, on Intel chip set computers, with a minimum of 128MB of RAM, and 5GB of available Hard Disk space.


Most of the components that must be loaded have been compressed into self-extracting .EXE's on one convenient CD-ROM for easy installation.  We have also tested this installation on various computers, and have found that if you follow these explicit instructions and recommendations, in order, you should have no problems.  If you run into a situation that is not referenced in these set-up directions, please phone ComQuest (619-659-3600), e-mail us (garry@callout.com) or Fax us (619-659-3800).  We will help you through the process in a timely fashion.


The installation procedure will first have you prepare all necessary components on the Fileserver.  Then, you will prepare each Workstation.  Simply repeat the Workstation Configuration instructions for each Workstation you're configuring, naming each of them sequentially as indicated in the instructions.