Incidence Report

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You access the Incidence Report by selecting it from the Callout menu, or by clicking on this icon:




Incidence Report screen


This report can either be viewed on the screen or sent to the printer.  It should be run periodically (either viewed or printed) by the Research Supervisor to keep tabs on how the interviewing process is going.  It will show how many contacts have been made in the designated period, and what the result of those contacts were in each case.


It is also vital to keep track of Incidence, if you are trying to maintain strict recruitment quotas, such as "70% Female" or "50% Core Cume".  Through periodic checking of Incidence and "tweaking" of the Recruitment Quotas, you can effect the desired results in each research cycle.


The Analysis Period on the Incidence screen begins with the first day of the current research week you specified in Set Recruitment Quotas.  The Analysis Period ends with today's date.


The Incidence Screen will provide a detailed description of how many calls have been placed so far this cycle (every time the Dial button is clicked, Attempts is incremented one time).  The result of each attempt is also listed, including those respondents that were:


Unqualified (due to wrong age, gender, stations, etc.)


Terminates (bad phone number, not interested, hung up, etc.),


Test Takers (qualified, agreed to take the test, and were transferred to the Fileserver)


Completes (those who scored every song)


Call Backs (respondents with a Busy, Answering Machine or Call Back status, as well as those who previously took the test, and are scheduled to take another test in the future).


Of those who Completed the test, demographic, ethnic and station cume/preference break outs are also provided.


If you have Completes Only checked on in the Defaults/Configure screen, you will see total counts and breakout's of how many people actually completed all the songs in your test list.  If Completes Only is off (no check mark in the box), you will see totals for how many people took the test.  Keep in mind, not all people that take the test will finish it and become a Complete.


HandYou can temporarily override the Completes Only setting by checking/unchecking the setting at the top of the screen.



Completes Only override in Incidence Report


This does not change the default setting you have for Completes Only; it is only changed for purposes of compiling and viewing incidence information in this screen.


Here is a description of each of the fields that are displayed on the Incidence Screen and printed in the Incidence Report:


Attempts - Each time the Dial button is selected on the Screener, the Attempts counter is incremented once.  This shows the total number of calls that were initiated during the Analysis Period.


Unqualified - The number and percentage of attempts that were not qualified, due either to wrong station responses, age, ethnicity or gender.


Terminates - Each time the Terminate button is selected on the Screener, this counter is incremented.  This could be the result of a non-working number, wrong number or FAX/pager number reached, or a non-responsive person was reached.


Took Test - Each person that successfully meets the screening criteria and is sent to the Fileserver to take the test increments this counter one time.


Completes - Each person that completed the song testing counts as a Complete.  The difference between Took Test and Completes represents the number of people who began the test but didn't finish it.


Call Backs - Any number dialed that was Busy, had an Answering Machine or the respondent asked that they be called back later is tagged as a Call Back.  Also, respondents that successfully completed the test and responded favorably to being called again in the future count as a Call Back.  Many of these Call Backs are a result of prior weeks' research.  As such, there is no percentage of Call Backs shown for this week.  Also, once your station is up and running with ComQuest, you will most likely never see the number of Call Backs get very low, as there will always be a sizeable number of respondents in the system that are tagged to be Called Back.


The ethnic, demo and station breakdown portion of the Incidence Screen and Report display the number and percentages for each cell and station. The counts and percentages indicated relate to either Take Tests and Completes (the total number of people that were transferred to the Fileserver) if you have Completes Only turned off; or just to Completes (people that finished the music test), if you have Completes Only turned on in Defaults/Configure.


The demos reflect the five Quota demographics you set up in the system, and the two station columns reflect the responses from all Completes to the two Station Selection Box questions in your Screener. If you are using Auxiliary Stations (you don't have the override setting to hide Other stations enabled), you will also see a row of sum total information for Cume and Preference of all Auxiliary Stations, directly under the list of 6 radio stations.


Changing Analysis Period


While the dates at the top of the Incidence Report default to the period when your Research Cycle began (according to the date on the Quotas screen) through today, you can change this for any contiguous date range you desire.  Simply click on either the start or end date and change each or either accordingly.  Then click the Refresh button at the bottom of the screen to recalculate.


HandAs the results for a non-standard period are not saved in a file, you will not be able to print the Incidence report if you change the dates.  However, you can press the Print Screen button on your keyboard to send a snapshot of the screen to your printer.


Printed Report


The Incidence report for the current week can be printed by clicking on the Print button.  The printed report consists of two pages; the first contains the same information you can view on the Incidence Screen; Attempts, Not Qualified's, Take Tests, Completes, etc.



Printed Incidence Report


The second page of the printed Incidence Report is a breakdown of the panelists in the current test cycle. This is the only place where you will find a listing of how many times respondents took the test.  As is the case with the printed Incidence Report, you can only print the Frequency report for the current test cycle.  If this is a report you like to see on a regular basis, you should remember to include the Incidence Report in your weekly Batch Reports, or remember to run it manually before you begin a new test cycle.



Printed Frequency report


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