Import Verified Numbers

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After you've run a session of DNA, and the system has located valid phone numbers, they should then be added to your ComQuest respondent file.


This process can be run at any time.  All valid phone numbers that were discovered during the verification process remain tagged as such in the temporary random database, until which time you subsequently import them into ComQuest.


HandThe one exception to this is if you elect to Purge Random Numbers before they have been imported!


In this case, Purging Random Numbers empties all random numbers from the temporary database; including those that might have already been verified as "good" (valid) phone numbers, but had not yet been imported into ComQuest.


When you Import Verified Numbers, one last check is conducted to make sure that phone number does not already exist in your respondent file (it's possible that subsequent to generating the number randomly, you either manually entered or imported the number from SSI, etc.).  If the number does not exist in your respondent file, it is then imported, and the new respondent ID number is placed in the "Result" field in the Random database.  (You can view the actual fields in the Random Access database by going to Utilities / File Maintenance / Access Table / Randoms on the ComQuest menu).


HandEach time you run Import Verified Numbers, only the most recently verified numbers that have not already been imported are added to your respondent file.


This means that you do not have to purge (empty out) the temporary randoms database after each verification session.  You don't even have to Import after each verification session.  Each of the DNA procedures work independently of each other; you can Generate Numbers whenever you want or need them; you can run the Verification Process at any interval you desire, and then you can wait to run the Import Verified Numbers procedure until you are in need of new numbers, etc.


For example, you might Generate Random Numbers once, at the beginning of the month.  Then, you might run the Verify Numbers program every day for a couple hours in the morning.  Finally, you might only Import Verified Numbers once each week, before beginning a new research cycle.  How often or when you run each procedure has no effect on the other procedures.