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There are 20 icons across the toolbar at the top of the main ComQuest screen.  These icons are designed as shortcuts to take you to specific procedures within the program.



Shortcut icons on main ComQuest screen


Here is a brief description of the procedure that each of these icons is linked to.


icon1 Make Calls.  Generally used by interviewers on the Workstations, this icon takes them into the Make Calls Screener, from which their outgoing calls to respondents are made.


icon2 Incidence Report. Review Attempts, Take Tests, Completes, Not Qualified's, etc. for the current research test cycle from this screen.


icon3 Create Jobs.  Jobs are compilations of research results; either a week or other period defined as a cycle.  You create a Job of results for quicker access to the dataset.


icon4 Respondent File. This link allows you to review respondent records. Change the sort order by clicking on the tabs at the top of the screen (ID, Name, Phone or Date).


icon5 Schedule File. Review pending Call backs, Prioritize Panels, and pull up specific respondents tagged for callback from this screen.


icon6 Browse Results. Select a Job that was created, and review and print song score results.


icon7 Pie Chart.  View recent dataset in Pie Chart format.  Copy, cut and paste any charts from this procedure.


icon8 Bar Graph.  View recent dataset in Bar Graph format.  Copy, cut and paste any charts from this procedure.


icon10 Song Test List. Review and change the current Test List. Also preview the actual song hooks from this screen.


icon11 Settings & Defaults. This icon leads to a multi-tabbed screen that contains most of the settings and configuration tools for ComQuest, including Recruitment Quotas, Defaults, Scoring Options, etc.


icon12 Interviewer Scripts. This is where you customize the wording of the scripts interviewers will use during the screening process with respondents.


icon13 Password Maintenance. This screen, only accessible by users with a Security Level of 1000, contains the names, passwords and levels for all registered ComQuest users.


icon14 Mapping. ComQuest includes a Street Wizard license for your market. (US only) Using this tool, you can plot and view geographic distribution of All Calls, Completes or Take Tests for a defined research cycle.


icon15 Record Audio. ComQuest includes a Cool Edit Pro license for your station. Use this utility to record and edit song hooks and audio prompts for your ComQuest system.


icon16 Modem Settings. There are three Modem configuration files that must be configured; one for outbound dialing of respondents, another for transferring to the Fileserver, and the third for paging ComQuest Technical Support.


icon18 Backup & Restore Data. Use this utility to make secure backups of your ComQuest data, or to restore a previously-saved backup.


icon19 Change Date/Time. Computers are notorious for not keeping the correct time. Here's where you can adjust the system time (or date) of each computer.


icon20 File Maintenance. If any of the computers freeze, or are turned off or rebooted while still in the ComQuest program, you may encounter file corruption. This utility enables you to repair corrupted files, assuming all the computers are out of the ComQuest program.


icon9 Change Databases. If you have more than one database on your Fileserver, use this icon to jump between databases.


icon21 Exit. Shortcut to exiting from the ComQuest program.  You can also exit the program by clicking on the small x in the upper right corner of the main ComQuest screen:




HandNot all of these icons may be enabled when a user with interviewer access (Level 200) is logged in to ComQuest.


Also, many of the menu options will not be visible to interviewers.  In addition, the Cool Edit and Street Wizard functionality is only accessible on the main Fileserver computer.