High Negatives Report

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Printed High Negatives report


Some weeks there may seem to be some respondents that just don't like anything in your music test!  The High Negatives Report will show you any specific respondents that scored above a specified threshold of Hate and/or Unfamiliarity for songs on your test list.


Any respondents that have scored more than the threshold you have specified, as a combination of Hate and Unfamiliarity, will be displayed in this report.  In the example report above, we have specified 40% as the threshold.  In this example, there were 34 songs in the song test, so any respondents that scored a combination of 14 songs negatively (34 X 40%, rounded off to the next higher whole number), will be displayed.


When you run this report, the filter screen will ask you to specify the threshold you want to set:



High Negatives filter


In the filter screen displayed above, we have set this threshold at 30%.  If you were testing 30 songs in this test cycle, that means any respondent that scored 9 or more songs negatively (either Hate or Unfamiliar) will be included in this report. The threshold value is stored on the local computer, and this value will be displayed by default the next time you run the High Negatives report for any database on this computer.


HandIf you want to view just Hate or just Unfamiliarity, there are other reports you can run, or you can change the setting in Scoring Options to 0 for the attribute you do not want to include in the High Negatives report.