Gender Variance

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Printed Gender Variance report


If you're testing both Men and Women, the Gender Variance report can be helpful in determining which songs are mutually exclusive to each gender, as well as those that are embraced by both genders.


In addition to displaying a total positive acceptance score for each song (that's how the results are ranked), the Gender Variance report also breaks down Positive, Favorite, Familiarity, Burn and Dislike scores for each by gender, and displays a skew value for each.


The skew value is merely the difference in score between genders for each attribute, preceded by either an M (Male) or an F (Female), which denotes the gender to which that attribute favors.


In the example screen shot above, the first song has a Female Positive score of 87.0 and a Male Positive score of 67.6.  This results in a skew of F 19.3; as the Female Positive score is 19.3 percentage points higher than that of the Male Positive score (although subtracting the Male score from the Female score seems to indicate a difference of 19.4, that is only due to rounding of each score).


Similarly, you can see the first song is rated as a favorite by an even larger majority of women than men; the F 30.6 indicates a favorite score that is 30 percentage points higher with females than with males. Familiarity is 100% for each gender, and so there is no skew entry for that attribute. Burn for this song skews slightly (7 percentage points) towards females, while the dislike attribute skews more heavily (13.4 percentage points) toward males.