Full Screen Memo

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While a scrolling message is visible only to interviewers in Make Calls, and only for a pre-determined period of time (up to 1 hour), there is another messaging procedure that will allow you to share vital information, such as scheduling or recruitment changes, with interviewers for a much longer duration.


The Full Screen Memo is visible in the Windows frame of the main ComQuest screen to all users in a specified database.  When you type your memo message, you can also assign a kill date to the message.  The message will continue to be displayed through the date your specify, and after that date the message will simply be hidden.  (To re-display just go to Utilities / Interviewer Alerts / Full Screen Memo and reset the kill date, and/or update the text of the message.)




Interviewer Full Screen Memo form


After you have entered or changed a Full Screen Memo message, you will see how the message gets displayed on your computer's main ComQuest screen:



Full Screen Memo displayed on interviewer desktop


If you want to display a short message to only interviewers in Make Calls, for a period less than an hour, you should consider using the Scrolling Message feature.


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