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Once in awhile corruption of your data file keys may occur.  This could happen if one of the Workstations is turned off without first exiting the program, or in the case of a power outage or network failure, etc.



Fix Files browse screen


Rebuild Keys


If you begin to have problems accessing respondent records, scores or songs, try to rectify the problem by first rebuilding the keys.  The keys are files that accompany each data file in your system.  Each key file maintains a different sort order for data within that file.  For example, the History.dat file has three keys.  One maintains a numerical sort order by respondent ID number for each record in the History file.  The second maintains the proper ordering of all records by Date and Time.  And the third key is used to maintain the order of all records in the history file by the status of each record.


To rebuild the keys for a specific file, highlight the desired file in the list box on the left side of the screen, and click the Tag button to mark the file.  A check mark will be displayed to the left of the filename, and that file will now be displayed in yellow, indicating it has now been tagged for rebuilding.  (To untag a highlighted file, simply select that file, and click the Tag button a second time).  After all files you wish to rebuild are tagged, click on the Rebuild Keys button.  Each file name will be displayed while it is being rebuilt.


If errors continue after the rebuilding process, you may have corrupt data in your file, or corruption in the file header.  This requires that you Rebuild Files for that particular file.


Rebuild Files


To rebuild the entire file (this procedure actually creates a brand new file, and copies the data from your old file into it), use the Tag button to mark any file you wish to rebuild, then click on the Rebuild Files button.  Each file name will be displayed while it is being rebuilt.


HandWhen either Rebuilding Keys or Files, the computer doing the rebuilding must have exclusive access to your files!


Be sure to exit out of the program on all other computers before attempting to Rebuild Keys or Files!  If you get a red screen indicating a file access error (with Retry and Abort options), you must have all other interviewers exit out of the ComQuest program on their computers, before pressing the R button on your computer to Retry the rebuilding.


Primary Files


Depending on which files are corrupted, you will have to rebuild some or all of the files displayed in the Fix Files screen.  Generally, if corruption occurs while interviewers are in the Make Calls screen, the following files are the ones most likely to need rebuilding (in order of importance):







Files such as Songs, Scores, Prompts, etc. are generally never opened by interviewers, and in fact are only opened when running reports, changing song hooks, etc.  As such, these files are rarely corrupted.


Causes of Corruption


There are only two causes of corruption we've been able to identify, and they're both somewhat related to the loss of a connection to the Fileserver while files are opened (whenever a Workstation is in the ComQuest program):


1. A computer is rebooted or turned off while it is still in the ComQuest program.


2. A Workstation loses its network connection with the Fileserver while it is in the ComQuest program.


Secondary causes of this problem could include the Fileserver itself freezing or being turned off or rebooted or being disconnected, even momentarily, from the ComQuest network.


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