Fixed Callback Statistics

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Fixed Callback Statistics screen


This procedure provides you with an up to the minute accounting of how many respondents you have tagged with a Fixed Callback time, for each of the calling hours between 3 - 9pm.  In addition, the time (and respondent number) of the earliest and latest Fixed Callback time will be displayed.


If there are any Fixed Callback times scheduled for hours before or after when you actually make calls, you can remove the Fixed attribute from those respondents on this screen.  They will still have a schedule record for callback, but removing the Fixed attribute simply leaves them as regularly scheduled callback (they are scheduled in sequence with all the other call backs).


The Before/After time range defaults to 3:00pm and 9:00pm, although you can change either/both of these times by clicking on them with your mouse cursor.  For example, if your station only makes calls between 5:00pm and 9:00pm, change the time range to 5:00pm and 9:00pm and click the Start button.


After the Fixed Callback attribute has been removed from the appropriate records, the statistics will be re-calculated and displayed for you.


HandInterviewers should use the Fixed Callback option sparingly.


Scheduling a respondent to be called outside the hours when you normally make calls will result in that  respondent record never coming up.  While, if it were a regularly Scheduled callback outside your normal calling hours (say, scheduled for 12:00midnight), it would merely come up in sequence the next day callout is conducted (scheduled records with a date prior to today are called back before those with today's date...)


In the sample screen displayed above, the earliest respondent (#18041) has  been scheduled as a Fixed Callback for 4:00pm.  If this station did not in fact begin making calls each day until 5:00pm,  this respondent (and all others scheduled as Fixed Call backs before 5:00pm), will never come up on an interviewer's Workstation.  As such, you should use this procedure to narrow the scope of scheduled Fixed Call backs, to remove the fixed attribute from this and other respondents that are outside your normal calling hours.


You can also control the behavior of the Fixed Callback settings, either when the interviewer actually assigns the callback, and/or when the callback is scheduled to come up on an interviewer's Workstation by changing Override Settings.


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