Features & Benefits

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Here's an overview of many of the features and benefits of the ComQuest system.  For more details on any particular item, refer to that topic in the index.




Password-protected level security.


• Point & Click mouse control eliminates the need for any keyboard typing by interviewers.


• Personalized, customizable on-screen scripts minimize ad-libbing and deviation in the field.


Auto-dialing feature and headset reduce interviewer fatigue.


• Automatically schedules respondents for Busy Signals and Answering Machines


• Only phone numbers provided by Fileserver can be called.


Incidence reports track interviewer efficiency.


Test Specs


• Store up to 10,000 song titles in Song Library.


• Store up to 1,000 closed ended questions.


• Maintain up to 1,000,000 test respondents.


• Test between 1 - 40 songs (user-defined Song Test List).


• Test between 0-8 closed-ended interactive questions. Test an unlimited number of interviewer-asked perceptual surveys and questions.


• Test 0-1 open ended questions, (with answers in respondent's voice dubbed to cassette at end of week).


• All song hooks are stored digitally on computer hard-drive, maximizing audio fidelity.


• User-defined scoring options; including optional second discrete burn option.


Respondent Selection


• Random selection of phone numbers improves geographic distribution of respondents.


• Initial installation includes 5,000 SSI names and phone numbers of prospects in target demo specified by station.


• Future random phone number generation is based on phone blocks from which successful completion was achieved.


Test Sample


• Set before testing begins: Defaults determine which 6 stations will be included in cume and/or preference sample (user-defined).


• 39 additional stations available for screening respondents, or just to track cume/pref.


• 7 changeable default demo cells (user-defined).


• Can be reset while testing is underway: 1-5 demo quotas, can also be capped. (user-defined)


• 1-2 gender quotas (user-defined)


• Core stipulation toggles on/off.  Also set maximum caps for each station (user-defined)


Test Administration


• Random playback of song loop eliminates traditional "order bias" no song is ever always first or always last!


• Respondent doesn't have to wait for hook to end to enter answer; improves efficiency and minimizes fatigue.


• Continuous data collection; if a respondent quits before completing the test, all data up to that point is collected. When they're re-called, they only have to score songs they missed in previous session.


• 3-strikes & you're out; three out-of-range responses to any question or song terminates the test.


• Automatic panel building; those completing test are asked if they wish to participate in future. If so, record is tagged for a 30-day call-back (user-defined).


• Control how often and how many times panels are re-called.




• On-line Incidence report instantly shows Attempted Calls, Unqualified, Terminates, Test Takers, Call backs, etc.


• Incidence report also shows raw counts and percentages of demo, cuming, and core of all completes (user defined period analysis).


• Intuitive screener employs fuzzy logic technology, eliminating confusing skip patterns for interviewers.


Results Analysis


Reports and browses can be run and re-run at any time during testing period.


• Demo ranges and gender selection for all reports (user-defined Filters)


• View results in Pie Charts and Bar Graphs form.  Export, copy or print any charts.


Street Wizard mapping displays respondents that took the test (and/or cumers) by street level.  Print or export map.


• Color-keyed Browse and bar graphs display "safe" songs in Green, borderline songs in Yellow and poor-testing songs in Red. (user-defined Browse Colors)


• Basic reports show Familiarity, Positive Acceptance, Favorite and Burn Factor for each song.


• Weekly Trend report shows all five variables for each song, as well as the previous three weeks' results.


• Dynamic data collection means reports for any week can be run at any time; previous test results are always available.


• Export song testing results to PowerGold or MusicMaster music scheduling programs, Excel, Word,  HTML and Palm Pilot Professional!




• Interactive on-line help screens throughout program.


• Automatic paging for Technical Support.


• 660+ page User's Guide


• Interactive CD-ROM Tutorial for interviewers and Programmers


ComQuest is fully year 2000 compliant.  It is a 32-bit Windows application, and is designed to work exclusively on the Windows 95/98/2000/NT network platforms.